Our company does not provide services out of a legal contract. We have an unique and original approach on the national market regarding the Internal Control Management System, that is why the prices of our services are different from those of potential competitors. If you want to find out more information about our services, prior to submitting a technical and financial offer, we can perform a free of charge presentation of the “e-S.C.I.M.” platform at the headquarters of your entity. Following this presentation, we will send a customized offer according to the requirements and needs of potential beneficiaries. The next step is the negotiation of the offer and the purchase of our services through the public procurement platform (SICAP). The technical offer for our services can be also requested by e-mail at office@arhisoft.ro.

Collaboration under a service contract is performed through the following steps:

  • transmission of the initiation note by which the beneficiary is notified of commencement of configuration of the platform and development of internal control system and the need to send to our team the statutory documents (Organizational chart, Internal Organization Regulation/Functioning and Organization Regulation, position situation etc.);
  • documentation design and publication on the platform;
  • the projected documentation is checked by the beneficiary, who submits the proposed changes or additions to the designated team;
  • once the documentation design has been completed, it is printed and delivered to the beneficiary during a working visit, where the designated team will hold a training session on the use of the platform and disseminates information on the application of the internal control management system and on the management or use of the documents received;
  • from this stage on, the maintenance period starts and the recipient will be notified whenever appropriate about updating documentation (we automatically update all procedures and documents covered by legislative changes). Work process improvement becomes a priority together with organizing activities as requested by beneficiaries.