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  • A company with over 10 years of experience in the development and innovation of the Internal Control Management System. During this period, we supported and helped to implement the Internal Control Management System (Ro. SCIM) in more than 250 public entities from various fields, such as: commune, cities and municipalities’ City Halls, social assistance and child protection, local police, local taxes and duties units, museums, secondary schools, colleges, companies
  • A company that enjoys the experience of professionals with over 15 years’ experience in developing and implementing internal control management systems
  • The only company that dedicated its entire activity for the research, innovation and development of the Internal Control Management System. The tangible outcome of our efforts are materialized by our continuous development and optimization of the platform, “e-SCIM”.


  • A friendly, intuitive, efficient IT tool, which shortens processing times dedicated to ICMS documentation and ensures the fluency and coherence of the information supplied by the Internal Control Management;
  • It is a Web platform that can be accessed and used both online and by installation on the beneficiary’s server, authentication in the application being provided by username and password access credentials type.


  • It provides a supportive environment for writing, updating and monitoring the entire documentation of the Internal Control Management System;
  • It creates the logical connections between the standards of the internal control code and facilitates the easy comprehension of each of the 16 standards;


  • We analyze the statutory documentation of the public entity (Rules of Procedure – RO. ROI/ Rules of organization and operation – RO. ROF, organization chart, rule of positions, job descriptions, etc.);
  • We design in full the set of documents required to implement the standards of the Internal Control Management and develop the Internal Control Management System (procedures, objectives, risks, standard documentation, etc.). The documents are designed and customized on the specifics of the entity, based on the information identified in the analysis of the statutory documents
  • We provide permanent support in the process of understanding the e-SCIM platform functionalities and in the completion and use of the documents in the current activity of the Internal Control Management System.


  • We know that the implementation of ICMS (Ro. SCIM) is a difficult process that requires a high demand of time and resources, that is why we optimized and made this process more efficient;
  • Because we developed ICMS in public entities without the benefit of using a computer system and we know how difficult it is;
  • Because there are very few professionals in developing and implementing ICMS;
  • Because we promote a practical, modern and original approach of ICMS, considering it a system of prevention and improvement of activities and not as a system of control.


„We chose this software solution because of the professionalism showed by the company and how they offered support in choosing the best options and solutions to our punctual requests related to the implementation and development of the Internal Control Management System”

Bucharest Sector 1 City Hall, Daniela Popa, Chairman of the monitoring comission

„Working with the „e-S.C.I.M.” platform, provided by Arhisoft Control Management Ltd. decisively facilitated the implementation and development of the Internal Control Management System in our institution in compliance with legal obligations stipulated in Order 600/2018. (…) Our institution considers that the services provided by Control Arhisoft Management Ltd. are high quality and can be a good choice in deployment and management of the Internal Control Management in any type of institution”,

„Saint Nectarie” Multifunctional Health Center, Bucharest, Popa Grigore Lucian, Executive Director

„The „e-S.C.I.M.” platform offers support and efficiency in all phases of operation of the Internal Control Management System. Arhisoft services have helped us to better understand the legal provisions, the legislative changes occurred, but also the terms related to reporting”

Local Taxes and Duties Department Sector 5, Bucharest, Valerian Sălăvăstru, Executive Director

„Market Administration Sector 6 expresses its appreciation to the colaboration with Control Arhisoft Management Ltd. (…) The professional team of Control Arhisoft Management Ltd. has always provided support in choosing the best options and solutions for our punctual requests related to the implementation, development, evaluation and reporting of the Internal Control Management System”

Market Administration Sector 6, Bucharest, Marius Lacatus, General Manager

„Ţigănaşi Commune City Hall recommends in full confidence Arhisoft services. Using the services offered by this company the entity’s objectives were fulfilled, respecting all legal requirements. Arhisoft is a reliable company and we are fully satisfied with the provided services and interactions with Arhisoft specislists”

Ţigănaşi Commune City Hall, Iasi County, Iulian Chirilă, Mayor

„The first impression related to Platform was to eliminate wasted time searching for documents in hard – copy format, as all information related to the system or operational procedures, organizational chart, committees can be found in this platform. The services were always high-quality, provided to all terms and firm prices, Control Arhisoft Management Ltd. proving highly competent and professional”

Pia Bratianu” Middle School”, Bucharest, Proff. Marilena Stoica, Manager

„Cooperation with Arhisoft is very good, and the team of specialists of this company responds promptly and professionally to our requests. The „e-S.C.I.M.” platform is very useful and transparent (…) Due to the services performed by Arhisoft we truly understood the real significance of the Internal Control Management System and the way it shoul work within our institution”

Institute for Research and Development for cattle growth, Phd. eng. Ioana Nicolae, General Manager

„We appreciate that by the support services that you provide us, we are better prepared to respond to the audit missions, which will be submitted to our institution (…), we are pleased with the cooperation envisaged, which is ongoing, with the support given in the implementation and development of the Internal Control Management System, in Chitila city”

Chitila City Hall, Emilian Oprea, Mayor

„Arhisoft services are always delivered on time and impresses by the high standard and professionalism adapted to the needs of our institution. Moreover, in several situations, the use of the „e-S.C.I.M.” platform clarified aspects related to operations and actions we should have fulfilled on the terms set by the legislation, for the development of the Internal Control Management System which, otherwise, could have been omitted because of the current activity volume”

Cernavoda City Hall, Liviu-Cristian Negoita, Mayor

„In our opinion, the „e-S.C.I.M.” platform, which we use in our daily activity, is a mechanism easy-to-use by any employee of the entity. It is very helpful/useful in implementing and developing the Internal Control Management System. The services offered by Arhisoft are quoted on a high level of quality, from our point of view”

Băileşti City Hall, Ileana Nita, Internal Auditor

„Arhisoft services got us closer to the benefits of the Internal Control Management System and showed us that things originally considered difficult, unsolvable can be solved using specialized help. Due to the „e-S.C.I.M.” Platform, the constituent stages of the Internal Control Management System can be worked on in a more simple and effective manner, both for the monitoring and operation committee of S.C.I.M., as well as for all the employees of the entity. We recommend Arhsoft with full confidence”

Aquas Utilserv SRL Brazi, Prahova County, Alexandru Ghinea, Administrator

„Arhisoft services impressed us through high professional standards adapted to our organization, punctuality, thoroughness, quality of solved tasks and high spirit of collaboration. The services offered by the “e-S.C.I.M. Solution” provide an easily accessible monitoring and management of the documents required to implement the Internal Control Management System within our organisation, in a stylish and modern way”

Turda Local Police Public Service”, Valer Moldovan, Executive Director

„Working with Control Arhisoft Management Ltd. was from the beginning very good (…) During the contract, the services were maintained at the level of quality offered from the start. In this context, all the changes required by DAS Mizil were conducted promptly”

Department of Social Assistance, Mizil, Elena Daniela Toader, Executive Director

„We strongly recommend the services offered by Control Arhisoft Management Ltd.. Due to the „e-S.C.I.M.” platform the implementation of the Internal Control Management System has progressed, fact reflected in the internal audits missions and the inquiries performed by the Court of Auditors”

the National Museum of Romanian History, Ernest Oberlander-Târnoveanu, Manager